Waxing reduces the possibility of an infection, ingrown hair and itching. These along with the other benefits, make waxing a more suitable alternative to shaving. We offer a full range of professional body waxing services, perfect for those who are tired of daily shaving. Your skin will thank you for the smoother feel.

Classic Bikini Wax-A Classic Bikini Wax only removes the hair that would be visible around the bikini line, Some hair remains and can be sculpted into a landing strip, triangle, or other style. $3,300

Bikini South- A Bikini South wax removes the hair that would be visible around the bikini line and within the inner thighs. $4,300

Mini Brazilian– A Mini Brazilian involves completely removing the hair from the front, leaving it totally bare. $5,000

Full Brazilian- The Full Brazilian wax is comparable to the mini Brazilian, except that the behind area is also waxed. $6,000(starting)

Brazilian Plus– If your “happy trail” makes you feel anything but, ask for a Brazilian Plus. “The Brazilian Plus includes a full Brazilian wax, plus the stomach trail,”. $6,600(starting)

Brazilian South- Full Brazilian? Check. And, while you’re at it, might as well throw in your legs, too. Yup, you can officially get a one-and-done treatment so that, not only will you not have to risk razor bumps on your bits, but you can skip out on nicking your shins in the shower, too. $10,000

Butt Strip- Such a lovely name, we know, but, in all actuality, that’s exactly what it is—a wax strip or two targeted at your crack and your crack alone. $1,800

Full Buttocks- Hair happens. And if you’re not feeling the stuff that pops up on your cheeks, simply request a full buttock for a hairless rear. $3,000



Chin Wax -$2,000

Sideburns- $2,000

Upper Lip – $ 2000


Chest and Torso – $6,500


Half Arm – $3,000

Full Arm – $6,000

Full Legs

Thin Hair – $7,800

Thick hair -$9,000

Half Legs

Thin Hair -$4,200

Thick hair – $5,000

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